A selection of applications for which our services are used

Tipster Services [Link] [Download (PDF)]

From as simple as playing a recorded message to an account and PIN based subscription service involving automated credit card subscriptions if required

IT Support Services [Link] [Download (PDF)]

If you provide IT support by allowing access to your technical staff by phone then these services can be configured just for you.


Homeworker Services [Link] [Download (PDF)]

From simple outbound calling to completely integrated virtual call center set up for both inbound and outbound. Can include fully PCI compliant credit card processing. Also VoIP configuration available.


Pre-pay Services [Link] [Download (PDF)]

Services in which your customers pay in advance for the use of any of our employed functionality.


To distinguish ourselves in our different markets, we trade using the following names:

  • BCH Telecom
  • RealCredit


Contact details:

Tel: 0344 544 7554
Fax: 0344 544 8773
e-mail: admin@bch-bristol.co.uk bholmes@realcredit.com

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