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Becoming a Reseller

We have developed a range of highly sophisticated and desirable products that are suitable for a wide range of applications and market sectors. These products are complete, easy to demonstrate and ready to sell now.

Our service is entirely self-contained in that they can be configured and deployed as required. Our wide range of phone numbers and types are immediately active once added to a service. Tariffs can be created to suit your revenue requirements and the opportunity to charge for set-up fees, rentals and set call charges are all available to you although the basis of the starting point would be agreed between us at the outset.

We operate a hierarchical organisational structure that enables our resellers to acquire customers, select and configure services complete with all billing requirements and reports. You have the flexibility to provide access for your customers to their services and provide them with different levels of control.
Customer accounts can be set to operate as either a pre-pay or post pay service. Obviously when set to pre-pay there is likely to be an improvement in cash flow and reduced credit control input for your organisation to manage.

Our aim is to continue development of new cutting-edge technologies to ensure the best possible competitive edge for you when selling into your market.

We support our resellers in training both their staff and customers as required and encourage you to exclusively mange your customer base yourself because our services leave you in control of how much you earn.

To distinguish ourselves in our different markets, we trade using the following names:

  • BCH Telecom
  • RealCredit


Contact details:

Tel: 0344 544 7554
Fax: 0344 544 8773
e-mail: admin@bch-bristol.co.uk bholmes@realcredit.com

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