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BCH Bristol
Basis of our Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Credit Card processing

We utilise the Internet and web sites to provide access, services and configurability for our customers.
We have these two core products from which all of our services are created

These can be used independently or combined to provide you with original services and functionality, or as added value services to complement what you already have in place in your organisation.

We can integrate with your own services and systems in respect of calls, and data usually by means of http requests but other options are available.

Outline of our Services

For the business user in any market or organisational role we have some basic and universally viable telephony services:
  • o Locator - up to four destinations

  • o Time based routing - as above but control by day and time.

  • o Conference calls - options available

  • o Mid-call transfer and enquiry calls

  • o Call recording

Whilst we are able to provide services to almost any organisation, we have gained customers who utilise both of our core products in a number of key specialisations:

Virtual Call Centres

  • o Home workers (unlimited Geographic locations)

  • o Load balancing and call routing

  • o Call queuing and handling options

  • o Unlimited operators

  • o operator scripts

  • o Access to call logs, reports and Statistics

  • o Call recording options including "on answer" and "elective"

  • o Eavesdrop

  • o Credit Card Processing options (Fully PCI compliant)

  • o Indirect access at competitive call rates

Subscription based access services

  • o Technical advice lines

  • o Tarot

  • o Racing and sports Tipsters (remote Account and PINs management)

Student accommodation

  • o Access numbers

  • o Pre-pay accounts - secure web and telephony automated top up

  • o Voicemail

  • o Call divert option

  • o Competitive call rates

  • o VoIP network connectivity to legacy sytems available